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María Multekosta

María Multekosta (María Caro b.1987) is a Spanish photographer based in Cádiz, Spain, where she co- created the Contemporary Art Festival of Cádiz (FACC) coordinating the team and through curatorial work. She is a BFA honours graduate from the University of Sevilla with scholarships to study in Lisbon and Cuenca, where she achieved a special distinction in Photography.

Focusing on analogue photography, Multekosta experiments with light contrasts, avoiding perfection in her images and shooting with the intention of creating narratives within the same physical film. She is curious about diverse ways of lives and currently works in projects which interfere with people’s private routines.

After finishing a Master's degree in teaching art and languages, she moved to the United Kingdom where she worked as a language teacher and later as an Art technician. Multekosta's experience in fields as varied as the organisation of poetry cycles, street actions, poster design, photography and videography, pictorial production and curatorial work make her a multidisciplinary person who is interested in creating links between situations and realities sometimes perceived as disconnected.

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